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Every student needs a unique digital identity provided by the University of Ljubljana.


we host more than 120 students





we host more than 120 students






University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education will be the host of next EPTE program in summer semester 2024

Digital identity of the University of Ljubljana (UL-ID)

To work with information services at UL PEF, students need a working digital identity (UL-ID), which is provided by the University of Ljubljana.

Digital identity gives access to:


Activation of UL-ID

You can activate digital identity on the central portal for managing your digital identity: ID portal.

On the portal, you can activate your digital identity and set the data related to your identity. You can access individual parts of the portal using the links provided on the portal.

On the ID portal, you can also change your password for access to UL information services, find out your forgotten password, change data related to your digital identity, and similar.

For cases where there are any problems with your digital identity (forgotten password or username, e-mail not working, etc.), the portal also has a form for reporting an error.


Email box and email address

With the activation of a digital identity, an e-mail address is also created for you.

This e-mail address is the only official means of communication between you and UL PEF employees, so check that you really have access to your e-mail.

If you have a UL-ID but your e-mail does not work, you will have to activate the UL-ID again.

All students have the same e-mail address as their username (e.g.

Access to your mailbox:

Login: UL-ID user data (e.g. and corresponding password)


DiKUL – online digital library

The portal of the Digital Library of the University of Ljubljana is an online portal that users can use to search the central index of bibliographic data. This includes hundreds of millions of subscription and free/open access resources from global publishers and other providers of professional and scientific information from all sciences. On the basis of the portal, users of the University of Ljubljana can also access the full texts of e-journal articles and e-book chapters.

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