Collaboration between CRSN and the European Talent Centre Budapest

At the end of June three CRSN representatives (Karmen Pižorn, Darja Skubic and Mojca Juriševič) visited the European Talent Centre in Budapest (ETCB). They discussed different perspectives of collaboration between the centres, e.g. how to become involved in the international net of European »talent centres«, how to engage in a more effective information transfer on giftedness and how to support ETBC in participating in international surveys.

Csilla Fuszek kindly donated to CRSN a so-called »Curiosity box« which is a new instrument for identifying giftedness and was developed by the Hungarian psychologists. We expect the ETCB representatives' visit in Ljubljana in September 2013.


CRSN hosted a highly important visit of ECHA delegation  (European Council for High Ability)


04/26/2013 CRSN hosted ECHA executive committee delegation represented by Prof. Dr. Peter Csermely (president), Prof. Dr. Christian Fisher (vice-president), dr. Lianne Hoogeveen (secretary) and members dr. Margaret Sutherland, Prof. Victor Müller-Oppliger, and Roya Klingner. The purpose of the meeting was to learn about the CRSN functioning, and the preparation for the 13th International ECHA Conference which will be held in Ljubljana in September 2014. The Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana is the co-organizer of this important international conference which brings together teachers, educators, researchers and other stakeholders (audiences) who are involved in educating and caring for the gifted.