Published: 22. 11. 2018 ob 14:33    Age: 2 years

December Merry Mixer for international and domestic students - 2018 edition

Welcome to University of Ljubljana and Slovenia as a whole, which has been called “the world’s best country”. In fact, the host of the Merry Mixer, Dr Noah Charney, is the one who has called it that in everything from his best-selling book Slovenology: Living and Traveling in the World’s Best Country to features in The Washington Post, The Guardian and beyond.

We know you’re enjoying your stay and studies, but how much do you really know about Slovenia? Register for the Merry Mixer and find out, because this year’s event will feature not only Noah’s talk, but also a quiz, where you will team up with Slovenian students, network and learn fascinating facts about Slovenia.  

WHEN: Friday, 14. 12. 2018, at 14.00 (finish: when you decide it's time to leave)

WHERE: Kazina Building, Kongresni trg 1



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