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The new issue of CEPS Journal

In Vol. 7, Issue 2 you find focus papers on Gender and Education.


Mapping Women’s and Gender Studies in the Academic Field in Slovenia

— Milica Antić Gaber


The Anti-Gender Movement in Europe and the Educational Process in Public Schools

— Roman Kuhar and Aleš Zobec


Gender in the Teaching Profession: University Students’ Views of Teaching as a Career

— Veronika Tašner, Mojca Žveglič Mihelič and Metka Mencin Čeplak


Students’ Gender-Related Choices and Achievement in Physics

— Ivana Jugović


Gender Differences in Children’s Language: A Meta-Analysis of Slovenian Studies

— Ljubica Marjanovič-Umek and Urška Fekonja-Peklaj


Adolescent Boys, Embodied Heteromasculinities and Sexual Violence

— James W. Messerschmidt



The Teacher as One of the Factors Influencing Students’ Perception of Biology as a School Subject

— Milan Kubiatko, Gregor Torkar and Lenka Rovnanova


To what Extent Do School Leaders in Slovenia Understand Physical School Environments as a

Learning Factor?

— Majda Cencič



Eribon, Didier (2013). Returning to Reims. Los Angeles: MIT Press, 256 pp. ISBN 978-1-58435-123-8.

— Nina Perger


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