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Academia in Matchathon - meeting 13.04 at 12:00 (second introductory meeting, and follow up on the first one)

Posredujemo vam obvestilo o jutrišnjem sestanku na temo Academia in Matchathon, ki bo 22-25. maja in je namenjen povezovanju pri boju s Covid-19.

Sestanek bo potekal jutri, v sredo, 13.5. ob 12h, povezavo do sestanka najdete v spodnjem sporočilu.


Dear Academic and Research institutions and Individuals,

As you are aware, during the EUvsVirus Hackathon 2,163 projects were submitted, of which 117 solutions were awarded. For more information, please see our results and official statement.


To further support our finalists and winners, we are organizing an EUvsVirus Matchathon which will take place between 22-25 May, but its organisation is already started and we are full throttle in this. During this online event, we will help these teams match with universities, academia and Research Institutes who can help bring their solutions into production and strengthen our world's ability to fight back against COVID-19. With this in mind, some of our partners have already proposed great strategies for follow up.  


The next meeting of the organising team with the academic and R&D partners will be on Wednesday (May 14th, 2020) at 12:00 noon CEST, via webex (participation instructions below or latest on the morning before the meeting).

Here are just several categories of actual collaboration as individual researchers, professors, academic staff, students, … (Business plan making, HR mentoring and coaching, Idea development, Pitching coaching, Connecting the teams with other relevant individuals, Matchmaking, Account management, Research and Publications, …) as well as institutional engagement (for example: Testbeds, Access to research labs, Access to our research papers, Cooperate in developing solutions together, Write a professional research paper together, Access to researchers and students (extra man/womanpower), Access to other institutes in our area, Access to other testbeds in our area, …)

As discussed in the meeting, our first actual engagement of the ones who expressed interest is in the multidisciplinary panels to profile the winning businesses/teams and their needs; and others (including Slack login instructions) will follow in days - so stay tuned!

We are envisioning a positive connotation for all - the hackathon, the matchathon and the deployment projects have been a remarkable example of project management, innovation, information systems, motivation, selflessness, devotion, goal- and effect- oriented collaborative effort that emerged with added value for all involved parties. 

Our core team working on the academia and research institutes is consisted of:

Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, , Project Manager for the Academic and R&D collaboration

Urska Jez, , Business-Academia Manager 

Yulia Matskevich, , Coordinator for Healthcare institutes and providers  

Elitsa Bozhkova, , European Commission Liaison

Let’s mobilise academia, speed up the applied research, provide multidisciplinary collaboration, cross-discipline fertilisation and functional business-academia-innovation bridges, via this sample of projects, in these challenging times for all but for the better future of many more! uporablja piškotke. Več informacij Zapri