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OBZORJE2020: Cost Action Invitation_"Empowering INCLUSION generation: Digital Literacy 4 Labour Market"

Posredujemo vam obvestilo in povabilo za vključitev v novo COST akcijo na področju IKT.

( "Empowering INCLUSION generation: Digital Literacy 4 Labour Market" in the field of educational, media and communications and work_professions.
Summary: This COST Action aims  to boost collaboration opportunities for researchers,  overcoming the bottlenecks linked to people with disabilities by promoting innovative materials (artefacts, prototype course in Digital Literacy for the labour market) and societal applications (use of a methodology developed by an inclusive community of practitioners). These are based on scientific, open and transdisciplinary methodologies and guidelines,  creating a cross border educational environment for people with disabilities in the field of digital literacy for the labour market. We intend to focus on the use and development of innovative capabilities and devices, as well as on the exploitation of results and outcomes through dissemination and cross border networking, targeting excellence and inclusiveness.  The proposal aims to address the transformation issue related to "Europe in a changing world- inclusive, innovative and reflective Societies" (S&T and societal challenges). uporablja piškotke. Več informacij Zapri