Modernising Teacher Education in a European Perspective - MOTED


The „Center for European Education“, founded 2007 by the Westphalia Wilhelms-Universität Münster/ Institute for Educational Studies and the University of Zagreb/Faculty of Teacher Education, have received approval for a new European Project of “Modernising Teacher Education in a European Perspective”. The project was applied for in April 2009 within the framework of the TEMPUS IV EU program. The project in a three-years-duration (2010 – 2012) will be financed with € 690.816.


11 Universities from 7 countries cooperate on the project together with associated partners (e.g. German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatian Ministry of Culture and the German accreditation agency ACQUIN) and individual experts from Germany, Hungary and the European Parliament.
The goal of the project is achieving greater compatibility of teacher education in Europe, so as to, among other things, provide for mobility and diploma recognition, and, as a cross-section task, to firmly posit intercultural education. In this perspective the components regarding contents and structure of „Teacher education in a European perspective“ will be developed and tested, which can be implemented in national curricula or additionally offered in the form of short-term offers (e.g.. Summer schools). At the same time the development perspectives specific for each of the cooperating countries should be taken into consideration. The work should be concentrated around five issues relevant for the development of a European dimension in teacher education from the viewpoint and under the consideration of the participants’ professional expertise: „(1.) Educational science in teacher education in a multicultural Europe; (2.) Foreign language teacher education and linguistic diversity in Europe; (3.) New media and possibilities for transnational cooperation; (4.) Intercultural learning as a horizontal task; (5.) Economic key qualifications in teacher education.”


Grant holders of the project are the University of Münster/ Institute for Educational studies and the University of Zagreb/Faculty of Teacher Education. Project manager and grant holder is Prof. Dr. Jürgen Helmchen; grant coordinator is Prof. Dr. Siegfried Gehrmann.


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