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Opening hours in July and August 2020


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Monday - Friday

1. 7.-24. 7. od 8.00 do 14.00
10. 8.-31. 8. od 8.00 do 14.00

27. 7.-8. 8. CLOSED

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The library is located on the 4th floor.

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Username is your students card or library card number. To set up the password contact a member of staff.

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Knjižnica Pedagoške fakultete

Kardeljeva ploščad 16

1000 Ljubljana




Library opening hours


In July and August library will be open:

Monday-Friday: 8 am - 2 pm


Tel.: +386 1 5892 332

You can:

  • borrow material you have ordered after receiving a notification that the material has been prepared (reservation of up to 5 books via COBISS, e-mail  or by phone 01 589 2332);
  • deposit books in out-of- hours book drop on the ground floor of the faculty or in a special box in the library. The returned material will be quarantined for 3 days and will remain registered with you. It is possible to reserve this material, but actual lending is only possible after the days of quarantine;
  • use the reading room;
  • the library will not charge for overdue books until 20 June 2020;
  • purchase of PEF - published books (cashless payment only).




Before you enter the library, please consider:

  • do not enter unless you are healthy;
  • wear a protective mask and disinfect your hands when visiting the library; disinfectants are available at the library entrance;
  • we recommend a safety distance of 1.5 meters between visitors;
  • enter the library only one at a time;
  • use contactless means of payment.


  • check the return date of the books, please extend the loan period yourself via COBISS My Library, e-mail or phone 01 589 2332,
  • if you do not need the books or they are reserved, please return them so that the next users can use them,
  • use the e-access to the material we provide,
  • information is available on our website.




The Library holds an extensive collection of current and historical items on education and related areas of social and natural sciences. In addition to supporting the work of the staff and the students at the Faculty of Education, it welcomes enquiries from all scholars, researchers, and others in the community with an interest in education.

The basic mission of the Library is to provide all types of library services and information (re)sources to support study and research.

The Library of the Faculty of Education is a member of the University of Ljubljana (UL) library system. UL has a decentralized library system, consisting of 39 academic libraries placed at faculties, academies and departments. There are also two central university libraries, the Central Technological Library and the National and University Library. Students are required to pay the library membership fee while enrolling at each academic year and can then use the facilities of all the UL libraries. The student card functions as a library card.


Key Resources


  • A collection of books and documents on all aspects of education – 120.000 titles,
  • A collection of academic journals – 8.000 titles available electronically and 150 titles in print,
  • A wide range of other electronic resources, such as databases, electronic books, documents and websites, linked to the very latest information.


Key Services

The library’s collections are supported by a team of dedicated professional staff, and by the provision of a wide range of services and facilities, such as

  • loans and borrowing of library items,
  • using public library catalogues, the cooperative catalogue and other databases and information sources,
  • providing information about the sources and from the sources,
  • assisting and providing advice on finding resources, information and using the library,
  • giving information about the novelties in the library,
  • providing interlibrary loans,
  • reserving library items,
  • providing appropriate training in the use of databases and software.