Keynote Speakers


Prof. Pavel Zgaga, Director of the Centre for Educational Policy Studies, Faculty of Education University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mobility and the European Dimension in Teacher Education

Pavel ZGAGA is Professor of the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Ljubljana University (1989) and a honorary doctorate from Universitet Umeå, Sweden (2007). Hi s teaching and research is focused on the philosophy of education, educational policy and in particular on higher education; he published extensively in these areas. He was Dean of the Faculty of Education (2001-2004), and is currently Director of the Centre for Education Policy Studies (CEPS).

During the 1990s, Dr. Zgaga was State Secretary for Higher Education (1992-1999), Minister of Education and Sports (1999-2000), and head of a working group on “Education, Training and Youth” during EU accession negotiations (1998-1999). After his return to academe, he has engaged in the Bologna process, serving as general rapporteur (2001-2003), as a member of the Board of the Bologna Follow-up Group (2004-2005) and as the rapporteur of the BFUG Working Group on External Dimension of the Bologna Process (2006-2007). He has been involved in several national and European research and development projects in higher education. He is a member of the advisory boards of several journals, e.g. Theory and Research in Education and Journal of Education Policy. Co-founder of the South-east European Educational Cooperation Network

Main recent publications:

  • The Bologna Process between Prague and Berlin (Report to the Berlin Ministerial Summit, 2003)
  • (with Luc Weber) Reinventing the European higher education and research sector: the challenge for research universities (Genève 2004; also in Spanish, 2005)
  • Reconsidering higher education governance ( Strasbourg, 2005)
  • The importance of education in social reconstruction. Six years of the Graz process: developments, current status and future prospects of education in South-east Europe (Ljubljana & Vienna 2005; in English)
  • The prospects of teacher education in South-east Europe (Ljubljana 2006)
  • Looking out: the Bologna process in a global setting. On the "External dimension" of the Bologna process (Oslo 2006)
  • Higher education in transition. Reconsideration on Higher Education in Europe at the turn of Millennium (Umeå 2007)