Marko's birthplace I (8 kB)

Markov rojstni kraj I.

Planina 35 (prej 59), Cerkno (glej Atlas Slovenije, stran 103, kvadratek A3).
Okoli 700 m nadmorske višine. Univerzalni lokator: JN76AD.

To thee, sweet happy Verba, all my praise!
Dear corner of my father's home and land,
Why did the thirst for knowledge e'er demand
My going hence into life's tortuous ways!

I should not, then, have found how joy that sways
The mind becomes but poison in man's hand;
Faith in myself all gone, I would not stand
Here tossed by inner storms through nights and days.

A helpmate and a love for me alone -
A dowry, priceless far above all mark -
I should have won with her my heart had known.

Then might have floated smoothly my life's bark,
My house, my fertile fields, and all my own
Protected by our patron, good St. Mark.

(F. Prešeren, translated by Lenarčič and Matthews)

Marko's birthplace II

Markov rojstni kraj II.

The beauty of nature

Lepote narave.

Marko's birthplace III
Markov rojstni kraj III.
Marko je bil rojen v prostoru nad kurnikom (malo okno).

Markov rojstni kraj IV.
Nov pogled iz Kalarš.