- Prof. dr. Urban Kordeš, head of the programme: (consultation hrs)
- Assist. prof. dr. Toma Strle: (consultation hrs)
- Assist. Jaša Černe: (consultation hrs)


- The Faculty of Education is the local Erasmus+ coordinator for the MEi:CogSci programme in Ljubljana. Therefore, Erasmus+ documentation should be sent to the Faculty of Education (and/or the University of Ljubljana Erasmus+ office if required).
- For all matters concerning Erasmus+, students should contact Igor Repac:

Erasmus+ office:
- Faculty of Education, Kardeljeva ploščad 16, Ljubljana, Office for International Cooperation, room 034.
- Contact:, 386 1 5892 347, office hours.
- For further info see


Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana is the local CEEPUS coordinator for the MEi:CogSci programme in Ljubljana. For all matters regarding CEEPUS, contact the CEEPUS coordinator, prof. dr. Olga Markič (Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy, Aškrčeva 2; consultation hrs,


Planning your mobility semester (courses, projects, learning contract, learning agreement)

For info on mobility projects/topics at University of Ljubljana see mobility projects/topics.

If students encounter problems regarding projects and supervision, they can turn to our research projects coordinator, Anka Slana Ozimič, or to Jaša Černe.

Courses (special topic of interest / elective courses)
- Courses carried out specifically for the MEi:CogSci students
Two to three special topic of interest / elective courses are offered specifically for the MEi:CogSci mobility students each year. These courses are presented at the welcome meeting and students then have a couple of days time to write to the teacher to express their attendance decision (otherwise, no additional application procedures are required). The schedule of these courses is known at the end of September (see: Schedule of MEi:CogSci courses and contacts of teachers).
- Courses in English offered by the University of Ljubljana for exchange students
University of Ljubljana list of courses in English for exchange students can be found at University of Ljubljana list of courses. Students should inquire about the possibility of attending these courses at the international offices of the respective faculties (the number of places might be limited so students should not wait until the last moment). If it is possible to attend a course, students should apply at the international office of the respective faculty, CC the international office of Faculty of Education (MEi:CogSci students' Erasmus+ coordinator at the University of Ljubljana), where students should request their enrolment data to be sent to the faculty where they wish to attend the course.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreement
In the Erasmus+ learning agreement (note this is not the MEi:CogSci learning contract) students state the following official third semester courses of the cognitive science programme at University of Ljubljana (they will also be stated on the transcript of records students obtain at the end of semester):
- Trends in Cognitive Science (10 ECTS)
[lecture, seminar, journal club]
- Interdisciplinary approach to a cognitive phenomenon 1 (10 ECTS) 
[cognitive science courses and/or electives and/or research project, depending on how students structure their 3rd semester curriculum].
- Interdisciplinary approach to a cognitive phenomenon 2 (10 ECTS)
[research project]

The content of these courses will be specified in more detail in the MEi:CogSci learning contract.

In case of extending mobility, state changes in the same learning agreement.

MEi:CogSci learning contract
- In the learning contract, students define the structure of their mobility semester (courses and project work).
- Students are required to submit the final e-version of the learning contract to the local (Jaša Černe) and home coordinators and CC project supervisor (see also instructions in the learning contract) at the latest until the 31st of October. The final version must, among other obligatory elements, include a project plan as structured in part 3 of the learning contract and as agreed upon with a supervisor.
- The supervisor has to confirm that she/he agrees with student's project plan via email which students have to, when submitting the learning contract, forward to the home and host university coordinators.
- You can find the learning contract form here.
- If students have further questions they are welcome to consultation hrs of Jaša Černe.

Finishing your mobility

In order to get the learning contract signed by the local coordinator at the host university, students need the following:
a) Project (S-I-PJ Special Topic of Interest (Project) Module):
- Project report (description and results) should be included in the learning contract.
- Signature and grade of project supervisor.

b) Courses (S-I Special Topic of Interest Module and W-D-C Elective Module):
- For courses, not carried out specifically for the MEi:CogSci students, students must provide a transcript of records from the respective faculty.

c) Trends in cognitive science (S-I-CS New Trends in Cognitive Science Module):
- Students do not need any additional documents besides the learning contract.

Students must fill in all the required data on the learning contract (including host and home grades) and get the signature (analog or digital signature) of their project supervisor. Note that learning contracts with missing elements, information, etc. will not be processed. Students then send the learning contract (and transcripts of records, if required) to the local coordinator Jaša Černe via email with their project supervisor in CC.

The Office for international cooperation at Faculty of Education will send signed and stamped learning contract together with a transcript of records to student's home institution (CC student) via email. If needed, students can also pick up the documents (learning contract and transcript of records) at the Faculty of Education Office for International Cooperation (room 034). In case students are not in Slovenia anymore and are not able to pick up the documents, they can ask Igor Repac to send the respective documents to the provided address.

Students have to finish their mobility semester till the end of March (i.e., they have to finish their courses/mobility project and submit the final version of their learning contract). Additionally, students should be mindful of the deadlines at their home universities (deadlines at the home universities might be earlier than end of March!). Each student of the joint MEi:CogSci programme has to complete 30 ECTS at a partner university (the mobility semester). Students must thus adhere to the stated deadlines if they are to complete the obligatory mobility semester.

Note that the process of obtaining signatures and of processing the signed learning contracts takes time.

- University of Ljubljana info for exchange students (includes the Welcome guide, University of Ljubljana list of courses in English for exchange students, academic calendar, etc.). Students should inquire about these courses at the respective faculty (the international offices should have the relevant info).
- Faculty of Education info for exchange students
- Schedule of MEi:CogSci courses and contacts of teachers
- Academic calendar in more detail (in Slovene)
- Map of study venues
- Contact to Ljubljana cogsci students
- SACS (Student Association of Cognitive Science - led by MEi:CogSci)