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European Primary Teacher Education


In 2009 University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education became a member of the EPTE (European Primary Teacher Education) project. More >>

Cognitive Science


Faculty of education co-hosts the international interdisciplinary masters level study program in Cognitive Science. The study is part of european joint degree Mei: CogSci and attempts to integrate insights about cognition (includng behaviour, perception, thinking,  understanding, decision making, learning, knowledge acquisition,  memory, language, emotions, free will and consciousness) from perspectives of brain research, mind and experience.  More >>



08. 04. 2015 ob 13:53

New Issue of CEPS Journal is published

ISSN 2232-2647 (online edition); ISSN 1855-9719 (printed edition)Publication frequency: 4 issues...

08. 03. 2015 ob 13:35

University of Ljubljana Call for Enrolment into doctoral study programmes

The government of the Republic of Slovenia on March 5, 2015 gave approval for the content of...

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08. 04. 2015 ob 14:43

Ljubljana and Umeå Doctoral Schools in Educational Sciences - Joint Seminar Week

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education is pleased to host Umeå Post-graduate School for the...

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Study programmes


Within the First Cycle Programmes  (Undergraduate study programmes) students can choose between various study programmes.



Study programmes last for 4 years, with excepction of Pre-school Education study programme which lasts 3 years.


In the Two Subject-Teacher study programme one can choose among various  orientations. Study programme comprises three components: obligatory general subjects in two orientations (two subject areas of teaching), selected from the following: Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Home Economics, Mathematics, Physics and Technical Education.

Primary Teacher Education

The Two-Subject Teacher

Art Pedagogy

Special and Rehabilitation Pedagogy

Social Pedagogy

Visually Impaired Education and the Pedagogy of Specific Learning Difficulties

Preschool Education


The Third Cycle Programme “The Education of Teachers and Educational Sciences” primarily facilitates the realisation of the following goals, a deepening of the understanding of theoretical and methodological concepts in the area of the education of teachers and educational sciences; equipping the candidates for the independent development of new knowledge and for solving the most difficult professional and scientific problems in an interdisciplinary perspective; the development of critical reflection and ethical responsibility in research, as well as social and communication competences for leading professional and research work; equipping the candidates for the critical monitoring (testing, improving) of known factors and for forming new solutions for the scientific-discipline field and for practice; equipping the candidates to independently lead scientific research and/or professional projects and the most demanding work systems.

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Scientific Area Teacher Education:

teaching, learning, and education;

teaching Slovene language and literature;

teaching mathematics, computing, natural sciences and technical studies;

teaching social sciences and the humanities;

teaching in the area of art.

Scientific Area Educational Science:

social education;

special and rehabilitation education;

preschool education;

educational policies;

supervision, organisation and personal counselling.