Museum Education

The basic objective of the master study programme Museum education is to qualify the students for autonomous, professional, ethically reflective educational work in museums/galleries and institutions with characteristics of a museum, such as botanic gardens and zoos, exhibition galleries of libraries and archives, permanent conservation institutions, etc. The study programme provides for deeper understanding and promotion of the educational value of culture and its heritage, thus contributing to performing educational work in museum institutions by considering various needs of museum visitors, at an individual, group or a community level. Deeper understanding and promotion of the educational value of the cultural (and natural) heritage shall contribute also to complementing the educational work in museums with other forms of education. By developing the ability to conduct research in the field of museum education the graduates are able to critically follow the theory and practice of museum education (also own) and to consequently raise its quality. The practical objective of this programme is individual and group work in museums, galleries, archives, libraries and other monuments, and in the areas of cultural and natural heritage, which is active, inclusive and aiming at the sustainable development, so the study is interesting also for those who wish to work in cultural tourism.

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