Center for Research and Promotion of Giftedness (CRSN)

The Centre for the Research and Promotion of Giftedness (CRSN) was established in the 2009/2010 academic year. Slovenian teacher education follows an integrative model of  gifted education, and the CRSN attempts to  provide for additional support by transferring  knowledge, experience and research ideas into  gifted education practice. CRSN members manage a wide range of research, educational and consulting projects, and aim to promote giftedness by enhancing the quality of life of the gifted, thus promoting the vision of excellence in education of the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana.


The main aims of the CRSN are:

  • to conduct research into giftedness;
  • to foster the development and promotion of the educational projects for the gifted;
  • to provide for the testing and counselling support in the field of giftedness to the interested public;
  • to  participate in the development of educational policies in gifted education; and
  • to establish a network with  various institutions in Slovenia and internationally.



Active members of CRSN

Associate Professor Mojca Juriševič, Head of CRSN

Psychological aspects of giftedness [ contact]

Full Professor Mojca Čepič
Teaching and learning science (Physics) [ contact]

Associate Professor Iztok Devetak
Teaching and learning science (Chemistry) [ contact]

Polona Gradišek, Assist.
PhD student [ contact]

Dr. Boštjan Kuzman

Teaching and learning mathematics [ contact]

Mira Metljak, Assist.
PhD student [ contact]

Assistant Professor Irena Nančovska-Šerbec
Teaching and learning computer science [ contact]

Assistant Professor Martina Ozbič
Gifted students with special needs [ contact]

Assistant Professor Karmen Pižorn
Teaching and learning L2
[ contact]

Assistant Professor Darija Skubic
Early language learning and mother tongue development
[ contact]

Assistant Professor Gregor Torkar

Teaching and learning science (Biology) [ contact]

Associate Professor Janez Vogrinc
Research methodology [ contact]


Research activities

The monograph »  Gifted Students in Primary School« is part of a larger research study  Analysis of the Key Factors of the Quality Assurance of Knowledge in an Educational System (Analiza ključnih dejavnikov zagotavljanja kakovosti znanja v vzgojno-izobraževalnem sistemu) that was conducted at The Faculty of Education between 2011 and 2012.




In Vršač (Serbia), 28th June 2013, the 19th round-table discussion ttitled “The Talented and the Quality of Education” organized by Visoka škola strukovnih studija za vaspitače »Mihajlo Palov«  (The Pre-school Teacher Training College) took place. In the introduction speech, the Professor Emeritus Grozdanka Gojkov, who  chaired this important research meeting in the ex-Yugoslavian area pointed out that the round-table discussion was dedicated to the work of the two Emeritus professors, Bosiljka and Jovan Djordjević, who contributed immensely  to the education of the talented in Serbia with their pedagogical and research work throughout their working time.

The meeting was attended by more than 50 researchers and college teachers from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and Russia. As one of the co-organizers the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Education,  participated in the meeting for the first time. For more information see



04/26/2013 CRSN hosted a researcher from Scotland Dr. Margaret Sutherland who held a lecture on "Gifted and talented learners in early years" for pre-school teachers and other pre-school professional workers.


04/22/2013 CRSN with PROFILES Project organized a conference for science teachers on "Motivating gifted students for learning science".
 PDF Presentation by Jack Holbrook.
 PDF Presentation by Korado Korlević.


2nd Conference for Psychologists in Education titled: Support of Psychologists to Pre-School and School Teachers in Working with Gifted Students
The conference was on Friday, 25th January 2013, at the Faculty of Education, Ljubljana.

1st Conference for Psychologists in Education
In 2011 we organised the first conference for Psychologists in Education titled: Role of a Psychologist in Education of the Gifted.


NTC learning programme
The author of the programme is  Ranko Rajović.
The implementation of the programme into kindergartens and schools was  piloted in 2009/2010. In 2010/2011 the conference on “NTC Learning – Stimulating the Development of Learning Potentials in the Pre-school Period” was organized within the scope of the reformed programmes at the Ministry of Education and Sports.

6. 10. 2010: A round- table discussion – How many gifted can Slovenia manage?
The round table discussion was organized during the 6th Slovenian Psychologists’ Congress; The discussion offered a critical analysis of the current state of the work with the gifted in Slovenia and some good ideas on how to promote future work with the gifted.  

Rijeka, 16.-25.3.2013: The Gifted Students Day - 03/22/2013 - Dr. Mojca Juriševič held a presentation titled Gifted Students in Slovenia. During the whole week a number of various activities for gifted students of different age and interests were provided.

Education policy
The White Paper on Education in the Republic of Slovenia 2011. The sixth chapter on Gifted Education e  is available at the  White Paper web page.
The primary school law:
Since November 2011 gifted students in primary schools have been considered as an individual group by law, and not as students with special needs anymore.

May 2011:  The Budapest Declaration
Hungary, during its EU presidency, hosted a notable international conference   Hungarian EU Presidential Conference on Talent Support and First European Talent Day. Dr. Mojca Juriševič (picture on the right: Dr. Mojca Juriševič, Mirt Nagy,  Gordana Rostohar, M.A. and  Tatjana Bezić, M.A) attended the conference as   representatives  of CRSN, the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Education. There was a ceremony at the signing of the Budapest  Declaration on Talent  Support in Europe. Simultaneously, the first European Day of the Talented was celebrated.

The Declaration on the Gifted in the EU Parliament (19November.2012-19 February.2013).
Unfortunately, the Declaration was not adopted since not a sufficient number of the parliament members signed it within the  set period – half of the members should have signed it. Nevertheless, the initiative is progressing with the establishment of the EU working group to deal with  the gifted.
On 23rd January, 2013 the members of CRSN (picture on the right: members of the Slovene delegation with the host, the EU parliament member  Mojca Kleva Kekuš, M.A.) attended an important meeting dedicated to the gifted in the EU Parliament– WD/34.
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Associate Professor Mojca Juriševič, Head of CRSN

Room 318

Tel.: 01 5892 331;

Fax.: 01 5892 233


VIDEO: Rena F. Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius in Frank C. Worrell the meaning of motivation of the gifted in education.