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Arts Therapy

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The post-graduate master study programme of Arts Therapy is based on the existent specialist programme; the prior undergraduate study programme thereof is non-existent. The programme was triggered by the needs of practice, covering the areas of special and rehabilitation pedagogy, social pedagogy, educational and therapeutical work in kindergardens, schools, hospitals and other institutions. Regarding the goals and competences of the study programme the focus is on developing specific abilities and skills, and that is why the study is carried out in the form of interactive experiential workshops with theoretical justifications of the addressed study contents, further in form of individual study and study practice in institutions. As in Slovenia the study of artstherapy is a rather new one, its theoretical and applicative areas, and the realization of the study shall depend on international cooperation, envisaging the modules of the professional programme contents to   largely attract visiting lecturers and acknowledged experts of individual areas of artstherapy.


Artstherapy (in international terminology called „arts therapies“) – is a young, applicative and scientific discipline, which started to develop systematically in the world in the second half of the 20th century. At this kind of therapy assistance is provided in the processes of experiencing, expressing and creating through artistic means of expression. Its objective is not a perfect work of art, but the focus is on the process directed towards personal growth and self-realization of an individual. Arts therapy is designed for individuals suffering from various disorders in their personal and professional lives. As regards the artistic medium through which artstherapy is conducted, nowadays the therapies utilising art, dramas, music and dance - movement activities prevail. Through an individual medium each of the areas has a specific impact. In the world there are numerous directions of artstherapy drawing on various psychological theories and practices. Practical application is in the domain of the artstherapy expert, developing his/her own method of work. Experts from various areas, who combine their prior knowledge and experience with the knowledge of artstherapy, can develop and examine new quality approach to individuals and groups at their professional work. The study programme comprises 120 ECTS credits and lasts two years.