Application procedure

1. After your home university has nominated you to study at the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student, you should fill in an online application is no need to send a paper copy of the application.

2. At the end of the online application you will find the necessary documents to upload to your application: Transcript of Records (of your home university), Learning Agreement and Language Certificate. Your application is complete and will be processed only after you have followed all the steps of the application system and entered all the required information.

3. After we have received your application and your host department has approved your application, we will send you an Acceptance letter and information on living and studying in Ljubljana.


Please note that the numbers of places in courses are limited. Once you submit the online application you should include also the Learning agreement with the chosen courses. After the deadline (May 15) we will examine all applications and confirm your Learning agreement.

In case of too many applications for a particular course we will have to make a selection based on the following criteria:
- your institution and/or country (to ensure as heterogeneous classes as possible)  
- date of application (places will be given on "first come first served" basis).

Applications without the Learning agreement will be processed last, so please do not forget to attach it.  


Deadline for application for 1st semester: May 15


Deadline for application for 2nd semester: November 15