Published: 20. 03. 2020 ob 11:57    Age: 3 years

Psychosocial counselling for students

!!! Special information: in the time of the faculty being closed due to the limitation of spreading the coronavirus disease we offer the counselling via Skype, Viber etc.


Psychosocial counselling for students is a place for all who have certain questions when facing various personal situations (concerning interpersonal relationships, study etc.) to acknowledge and talk about:  

  • simple (everyday) questions you would like to talk »through« with somebody,
  • distress, unpleasant experiences,
  • thinking of the next steps you want to take (connected to a certain problem or connected to life in general, independence, partnership etc.),
  • the need to cope with painful experiences in the past,
  • difficulties at reaching goals, problems with motivation etc. and the wish to do something about it,
  • the wish to improve communication and interpersonal relationships (partner relationships, relationships with authorities, parents …), assertiveness …


Psychosocial counselling office is also a place for students to talk about different perspectives, questions, dilemmas, discrepancies connected to (future) professional work or questions that arose from doing practical trainings, visits, internships etc. in different organisations and institutions in terms of student’s own functioning or in terms of observed practices (i.e. supervision and coaching).


Nevertheless, in the counselling office you are welcome also if you are only curious or you would like to chat a bit about yourself or get a feedback of your functioning.      


Who are we?


We are a group of professionals trained in counselling or (psycho)therapy, which we do besides our pedagogical work: Simona Prosen (, Jana Rapuš Pavel (, Tatjana Verbnik Dobnikar (, Anja Gruden (, Tomaž Vec ( and Mija M. Klemenčič Rozman ( Being trained in various counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches and having experiences in psychosocial work we can ensure to provide a wide spectrum of approaches and interventions that students need in different life situations and contexts. In cases when student’s situations call for a different approach or larger extent of support than the support offered in counselling office we refer students to other professionals.


Anyhow, let’s repeat it once again: psychosocial counselling is also a place to talk about everyday questions or “usual” questions and thoughts. There you will be able to talk with a professional who will take time and be there for you only. We ensure anonymity, discretion and confidentiality (that means, whatever you talk about in the counselling office will remain between you and the professional only)!




Although the faculty remains closed, counsellors are available online (over Skype etc.). Please choose a single counsellor from the list and make an inquiry via email about his/her weekly availability, possible time or other requirements for counselling.


If the selected counsellor isn't available anymore, he or she would refer you to his/her colleague. Please try not to write to all the counsellors at once, but rather go by writing to only one of the counsellors and kindly wait for further information. We will do our best to reply in due time.


How to approach us and make the first contact?


Under current conditions we are reachable online via Skype or similar software. Please make a prior email inquiry.


Head of the counselling office: Tomaž Vec