Mission and Vision of the Faculty of Education

The mission of the Faculty of Education is the education and training of teachers and other professional workers in the field of education.

We train all kinds of professionals, from preschool and primary teachers to teachers who are specialists in teaching two subjects or subject areas in primary school, as well as in certain secondary schools. The advantage that graduates from the Faculty of Education have lies precisely in having been trained for at least two subject areas, which increases their employment opportunities as well as responding to the needs of school practice.

In addition to the traditional teachers’ programmes, the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana is the only institution in Slovenia that trains professionals for inclusive education and the education of children and young people with special needs. It does this through the study programmes of social pedagogy and special and rehabilitation pedagogy, covering the entire spectrum of special needs: from behavioural and social difficulties to all kinds of impairments (vision, hearing, speech, movement) and learning difficulties.

While studying, graduates of all of the study programmes gain numerous general, academic and pedagogical-professional competences. These include the reflectiveness and professionalism required for solving a range of pedagogical problems, the skills of communication and team work with other professionals in education, a holistic conception of children and young people and a familiarity with and understanding of their developmental characteristics, differences and needs. They gain a knowledge and understanding of the laws of the teaching and instruction of various fields, as well as educational processes in relation to the individual and to society in general. Of course, they also acquire the complete spectrum of specific professional competences required for mastering their study (subject) area and/or the discipline in which they will work professionally (teaching, advising, etc.).

By developing a quality partnership with educational institutions, study at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana is linked with practice, where students connect and enrich the knowledge that they gain at the faculty with practical experience under the leadership of quality mentors.

Connection with numerous universities and faculties in the European sphere enable students and teachers of the Faculty of Education to attend these faculties and supplement their knowledge, as well as facilitating the development of contemporary European comparable study programmes.

With an awareness of the necessity of training first-rate and specialised pedagogical professionals, who will be the driving force of the further development of pedagogical practice in Slovenia, the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana is also developing masters and doctoral study in the majority of study areas.

At the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana, research and artistic work is an integral part of the operation of the teachers and other professionals. They participate in and are responsible for numerous Slovene and international research projects, publish research results in monographs and journals with an international audience, and present artistic work in individual and group exhibitions both in Slovenia and abroad.

A range of excellent pedagogical specialists in various fields are employed at the Faculty of Education, who often participate in international professionals bodies in Slovenia and abroad. This ensures a two-way flow of knowledge and ideas and enables the Faculty of Education to locate itself in the Slovene and international pedagogical spheres.

The Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana seeks to remain the leading faculty in Slovenia for the education of pedagogical professionals. In the future, its graduates will continue to be valued and recognised in pedagogical practice, and they will pursue further study on the postgraduate level with increasing frequency. Teachers and other professionals of the Faculty of Education will further develop their professional fields and will be visibly included in Slovene and international pedagogical, artistic and scientific-research activities.



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