About University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana possesses a rich tradition. It ranks as a very large university, with more than 63,000 graduate and postgraduate students. Approximately 4000 higher education teachers are employed in the 22 faculties, 3 arts academies and one university college.

The University of Ljubljana practices basic, applied and development research, striving for excellence and quality of the highest standard in all fields of science and arts, such as the humanities, social sciences, linguistics, arts, medicine, natural sciences and technology.

Based on its own research projects as well as advances in research at home and abroad, the University provides instruction and training to prominent scientists and experts, capable of leading sustainable development, with a view to respecting the legacy of European Enlightenment and Humanism as well as human rights. The University also promotes interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies.

The University of Ljubljana has a consolidating role in the academic community of professors, researchers, students and other associates, and strives to establish its fine reputation both at home and around the world. Its research, education, public activities and relations among its members is carried out based on the following principles: professional excellence or ensuring the highest possible quality,  academic freedom of its staff and students, particularly creative freedom, autonomy in relation to the state, politics, capital or church, and humanism and human rights, including equal opportunity and solidarity.



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