Third Cycle (PhD) Programme: Teacher Education And Educational Sciences

The doctoral study programme “The Education of Teachers and Educational Sciences” primarily facilitates the realisation of the following goals, a deepening of the understanding of theoretical and methodological concepts in the area of the education of teachers and educational sciences; equipping the candidates for the independent development of new knowledge and for solving the most difficult professional and scientific problems in an interdisciplinary perspective; the development of critical reflection and ethical responsibility in research, as well as social and communication competences for leading professional and research work; equipping the candidates for the critical monitoring (testing, improving) of known factors and for forming new solutions for the scientific-discipline field and for practice; equipping the candidates to independently lead scientific research and/or professional projects and the most demanding work systems.


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General information about the programme

TypeThird Cycle Study Programme
Duration4 years
Orientations of the study programmeScientific Area Teacher Education:
- teaching, learning, and education;
- teaching Slovene language and literature;
- teaching mathematics, computing, natural sciences and technical studies;
-teaching social sciences and the humanities;
- teaching in the area of art.

Scientific Area Educational Science:
- social education;
- special and rehabilitation education;
- preschool education;
- educational policies;
- supervision, organisation and personal counselling.
Modules of the programme1. Obligatory Modules
2. Study Orientation Modules
3. Elective Modules (the candidate selects 4 modules; these modules are also offered to students of other doctoral programmes of the University of Ljubljana)
4. IRW Modules for the Doctoral Dissertation
Scientific titledoctor of science (abbreviation Dr)


General conditions for enrolment in the programme

The doctoral study programme is open to candidates who have concluded:


1. A study programme on the second level.


2. A study programme that educates the candidate for a profession, determined by directives of the European Union, if the study programme is evaluated with 300 ECTS or another unified masters programme that is evaluated with 300 ECTS.


3. A previous study programme for gaining university education (programmes prior to the Higher Education Act of 03.09.2004).


4. A previous study programme for gaining a specialisation, prior to which a specialist higher education programme has been completed. Prior to enrolment in the study programme the faculty can determine additional obligations for these candidates, to the extent of from 30 to 60 ECTS.


5. A previous study programme for gaining a master of science or a specialisation after concluding a study programme for gaining university education. In a third level doctoral study programme these candidates are credited with study obligations to the extent of at least 60 ECTS.


Graduates from foreign universities can also enrol in doctoral study. The equivalence of previously gained education abroad is determined by the procedure of acknowledging foreign education for the continuation of education, in accordance with the statutes of the UL. 

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