Information services for students

Every student needs a unique digital identity provided by the University of Ljubljana (abbr. UL ID) to work with the information systems of the Faculty of Education.


→ Digital identity

 → ID portal in English:  

On the portal, you can activate your digital identity, update your profile, and change different application settings.




Digital identity and the corresponding email are the official forms of communication with the faculty during your studies, so be sure to check if you have a working mailbox connected to your UL ID.


You also need the UL ID to access the systems and services during your studies at the UL PEF:

·          Student Information System - VIS (application for exams, examination of grades, schedules)

·          UL PEF Online Classroom - Spletna učilnica PEF,

·         Use of computers in the lobby of the UL PEF,

·         Computer classrooms at UL PEF,

·         EduRoam wireless internet network (instructions), provided by Arnes,

·         Services provided to students by the University of Ljubljana:

u     Email

u     Office 365

u      E – notifications (e-obvestila)


Problems with your UL digital identity?

Report problems - use the form on this link to report the problems and errors you encounter when using the UL IT services.


Mailbox and email address

By creating a digital identity, you also create an email address. By default, all students have an email address identical to their username (e.g.


·         Access to email inbox:

·         Login: only possible with digital identity - username and password used at UL (e.g.

·         Instructions for setting up a mail client on iOS and Android devices: Instructions-PEF-UL-ID-mailbox.pdf




It is recommended that you should create a friendlier email address or screen name, in the form of Do this at

Please note that you only enter your email inbox at with the username and not your alias. This page takes a little longer to load, since the data are transferred to an external UL partner.


→ VIS (Higher Education Information System)

    • Access:

    • Login name and password: Your digital identity is

    • Information and assistance are available at e-mail:


→ Spletna učilnica PEF / UL PEF Online Classroom

    • Access:

    • Login name and password (from October 1, 2018): your digital identity of the form

    • Information and assistance are available at



→ Eduroam (wireless network)

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam service provides the user with secure and easy access to the organization's (wireless) network and hosting in the networks of other institutions integrated into the Eduroam system. Thus, a user of the Ljubljana organization can access the secure Eduroam network in Maribor or Koper (or any Eduroam network abroad) transparently and free of charge, using the same username and password as used in the "home" Eduroam network. Networks are also part of the international system. Consequently. Slovenian users can also visit networks of educational and research institutions abroad.


More instructions and instructions for signing up for a wireless network are available on the ARNES website:


Installation instructions for the Eduroam client

We recommend using the Eduroam CAT Online Wizard. When downloading the installation file, select:

Home organization: University of Ljubljana

User group: Students of the University of Ljubljana


Eduroam Network Login Information - Student Identity Downloaded from the Portal ID:


Password: Your password


The easiest installation of Eduroam on mobile devices is by using the Eduroam application from the store that will create the certificate, but you will need to enter the above username and password. Pay attention to the future password changes, as they will affect both Eduroam and all other services accessed with this UL-ID!


Error reporting

Please try to sign in to EDUROAM and, if you still cannot enter, report the error via the Portal ID - Error Reporting.


Eduroam premises at the UL PEF

UL PEF premises, where you can connect to the Eduroam network:

Basement: Classrooms P006, P020, P038

Ground floor: UL PEF restaurant, lobby, classrooms 026, 048

1st Floor: Lobby, classrooms 102, 105, 132, hallway to the classrooms 114-119

2nd Floor: Classrooms 209, 212, 230

3rd Floor: Hallway to the classrooms 308-320, classroom 329

4th Floor: Library, classrooms 408, 410


In addition to the spaces listed above, Eduroam is also accessible in most corridors and in some classrooms adjacent to the spaces listed above.